About Us

We are a faith based grassroots organization that is coming together to stamp out gun violence in our city.    We are here to help eradicate the city of violent crimes, especially the gun violence in and around West Louisville.  In order to do this we must come together as a community to  train or retrain, learn or relearn and to educate and not suffocate the people involved.  In order to do this Hands Across Louisville has goals that we would like to see become reality to overcome the situation at hand.

Our goals involve the city at large.  and  include:

1.  Anger management -learning how to deal  with anger and the stressors,  Where and how to seek help. 
2.  Job creation -through training from businesses and unions in and around West Louisville,
3.   Teaching Public Speaking and Empowerment.  Learning the skills necessary to become better communicators, therefore stopping the lashing out that occurs many times. 
4.  Teaching the social skills necessary to be able to interact with people whom you don't koow and those people that you do know, in order to get and keep a job and  to lessen the anger issues. 
5.  Teaching financial training to learn how to deal with money and also learning the basics of home ownership and the maintenance involved.

These are our starter goals that will far exceed the May 13, 2017  date.  The event in May is just the beginning, this will be a long term process. 

Thank you for supporting us in our venture.